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This is an excellent book. We used it when I took the data structures
course for my masters degree. In retrospect, I would have preferred
Knuth, but this was and is a great book to learn data structures. At the
time, Pascal was hot, and as I mentioned before it is a good language to
teach these concepts. But, it would drive me crazy at work when I would
see a C program written by a Pascal programmer :-). Actually, Knuth is
the Bible, and Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs is the prayer book.

Another issue for the OP is where you want to use the skills you learn.
If you learn Python, but want to write code for the Android, then maybe
Java might be the way to go. But, simply to learn a programming

, Python is relatively easy and well documented. If you are going to be
a system admin person then scripting languages such as Perl, CShell, and
BASH scripts might be useful.

I have taught C at a local University, and one group of people learned
very well and another group really hated it.

Jerry Feldman



Parshwa Murdia
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