svn with dyndns


Has anyone using f14 managed to use dyndns to provide the IP name with
their own svn server?

I've got things set up here for svn, but when I try to connect via
dyndns, it comes back with no route to host. I'm not going through
apache to try and make life easier.

All requests in via tcp:3690 are routed to the server.

I've set things up using the instructions at (option 2)

If I try

svn import kickstart svn:// -m "Initial import"

I get asked my password, and life is good. However

svn import kickstart -m
"Initial import"

comes back with

svn: OPTIONS of '': Could
not resolve hostname `': Host not found

Not sure if this is my router being silly (it looks ok, I have a rule
set for TCP/UDP 3690 to allow traffic in, so the firewall is happy
there). IPTABLES has 3690 tcp/udp also open or if i'm missing a trick
using dyndns - it looks like everything should work



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