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Has anyone gotten three heads set up with Fedora? I
figure it will
require the proprietary driver, and while that is
not optimal, I'm
willing to do it. I really want to have three
monitors set up.

If so, how'd you do it?

One architectural office I'm working with that is *very*
Linux curious wanted to try Fedora on a four-headed

The system has:
- 1 VGA on-board graphics card (not sure the chipset,
assuming its a standard Intel on-board device) connected
to a ~20" Dell LCD monitor
- 2 nVidia 1Gb Galaxy PCI-E 16 cards (pretty cheap)
connected through their DVI outputs to two large, matching
LG Flatrons
- 1 *something else* pretty old, weak card also connected
through a DVI out to a generic, small flatscreen leftover
from someplace

I installed Fedora 14 with just the VGA on-board video
running first, then plugged the others in after install...
and everything just worked on reboot. The only adjustment
needed was to place the screens in relation to one another
so that the layout made sense.

They have heavy 2D requirements (CAD for blueprint
designs), but not any real 3D needs, so the open source
drivers worked just fine for them. Their fabrication techs
*do* need 3D, though, so it would be necessary to get
good, real 3D drivers for those systems.

This is easy. "oooh, dual head" is not very "ooooh
anymore." It's just about plugging things in as long as
the hardware is fairly vanilla.

One note: You will not get much easy mileage out of
USB-to-VGA output switches. Those still suck to configure,
even for a single screen.

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