Re: File conflicts

On Sat, 22 Jan 2011 12:13:24 -0700, Chris wrote:

Working around a conflict in such a way would only lead to chaos.

Yeah, I figured it might make the database confused. It seems there is a
fix in a newer version from your pointer:
Matthew Barnes 2010-12-16 21:43:39 EST

Had a fix for this in the spec file already but it apparently
stopped working.

Fixed again in 0.9-10.f14 and 0.9-11.f15.

Which kind of brings up another question. When I use the graphical
Add/Remove Software it only shows 0.9-9.fc14 as an option.

If there is a 0.9-10.fc14 available how do I get it to show up on the
list ?

*If* it is available as an update package for Fedora 14, it will show up
eventually (if it has been distributed by the download mirror system).

However, browsing "bodhi" (the Fedora Updates System), an update for
openchange has not been made available by the package maintainer(s) yet.
Not for the updates-testing repository either.
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