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antonio montagnani ha scritto / said the following il giorno/on
13/02/2011 22:22:
I m using Fedora for photo manipulation with Gimp.
When I open a folder containing raw files I don't see thumbnails of
pictures on one of my system while on the other I can see them (Jpeg,
Pef and Dgn files). I made the test with the same folder copied from my
network storage.
Any idea??

From both system I cannot see thumbnails on the network storage for any
kind of document, image, PDf and so on (NAS is an Iomega StorCenter ix2-200)

another clue: I don't see only thumbnails of PEF files, but if I open
one pEF file by The Gimp, and I close it thumbnails is shown.
Thumbnails are otherwise shown with the undefinite thumbnail with a tree
and sunset.

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