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On 02/27/2011 11:38 AM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Sun, 27 Feb 2011 11:04:50 -0800
JD<jd1008@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can anyone point me to any docs or info on the
process (and frequency) of updating RHEL with
the bugfixes and new features added to the Fedora
When there is a new major RHEL release mostly.

So, RHEL6 just came out not too long ago, and was branched/based off
Fedora 12/13.

RHEL5 was based off Fedora Core 6.

There's likely cases where changes in Fedora packages are backported
into RHEL releases, but those are harder to quantify.

has more information.

Thanx a lot.
I was hoping that the RHEL updates
would have included the tried and true, and very stable
mods made in the fedora releases/updates.

To wait from FC6 until FC12/13 to produce RHEL6
is an awfully long time :(
So, I guess I will not be installing RHEL6.

If you want cutting edge go Fedora, if you want stable go RHEL. If you have
better things to do with your time than upgrade twice a year, RHEL and bug fixes

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