Ideas for securing OpenVPN on an OpenWrt router

ok, i putted an OpenVPN server on port 1194 on an OpenWrt 10.03 router.

Questions: what could i do to increase security regarding this OpenVPN server? - i mean on server side!

1 - i sed 's/1194/50000/' the port number to a higher one - it's against the automated robots, ok!
2 - iptables? i should only allow ip ranges [on the input chain] that i will use in reality? - ok!
3 - if i don't use my router - e.g.: when i'm sleeping i just turn it off.
4 - ? what else?? Plese write down you're idea/solution!!!

OpenWrt isn't OpenBSD, so from the "ps" command i can see that the OpenVPN is runned by root. it's not so secure. How can i make it more secure?

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