F14 yum update conflict

# rpm -e libmad0-0.15.1b-4.fc14.i686
error: Failed dependencies:
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed) xine-lib-1.1.19-22.1.fc14.i686
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed)
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed) vlc-1.1.8-68.1.fc14.i686
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed)
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed)
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed)
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed) streamripper-1.64.6-1.fc11.i586
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed) xmms2-mad-0.7-1.fc14.i686
libmad.so.0 is needed by (installed) normalize-0.7.7-5.fc11.i586
libmad0 = 0.15.1b-4.fc14 is needed by (installed)
# rpm -e libvcdinfo0
error: Failed dependencies:
libvcdinfo.so.0 is needed by (installed) xine-lib-1.1.19-22.1.fc14.i686
libvcdinfo.so.0 is needed by (installed) vlc-1.1.8-68.1.fc14.i686
libvcdinfo.so.0 is needed by (installed) vcdimager-0.7.23-9.fc14.i686
libvcdinfo.so.0(VCDINFO_0) is needed by (installed)
libvcdinfo.so.0(VCDINFO_0) is needed by (installed)
libvcdinfo.so.0(VCDINFO_0) is needed by (installed)
libvcdinfo0 = 0.7.23-9.fc14 is needed by (installed)

OK - I wanted to show that so you can see that there are packages
I want (from rpmfusion and from atrpms). Some of these packages
have no F14 release version yet, so F13 pkgs are still included in
the F14 repos.

Reason why I show this is because when I ran yum update, I got:
Total 635 kB/s | 33 MB 00:52
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test

Transaction Check Error:
file /usr/lib/libmad.so.0.2.1 from install of
libmad-0.15.1b-13.fc12.i586 conflicts with file from package
file /usr/lib/libvcdinfo.so.0.2.0 from install of
vcdimager-libs-0.7.23-13.fc13.1.i686 conflicts with file from package

So, how can we install what we would like to run, when some packages
depend on an older version of package A from Repository X,
and some packages depend on a newer version of A from Repository Y?
What's more is that the packages we want are not all available
from the same repo.

I think this problem needs to be addressed by the Fedora rpm packagers,
or at least, a good amount of coordination is needed amongst all
the fedora rpm repo creators.

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