Re: snd_hda_intel clobbers pcspkr

James Wilkinson wrote:
together. Loading snd_hda_intel after pcspkr is in and working causes
loss of the terminal beep.

"Terminal beep" also includes audible notifications from programs such as nedit and mozilla, e.g. search term not found. Affected terminals are xterm and the console; I haven't experimented with others. What I'm looking for is the sound issued by that piezoelectric thing half the population hates- I don't want it from HDA (which doesn't seem to work either, but I'm ok with that part).

Are you sure that the terminal you usually use isn’t trying to use
modern sound hardware if it’s available (so we can have MP3 ringtone
beeps instead of 1970s beeps)?

*Which* terminal, anyway? There are at least seven I can think of.

It's not exclusively a terminal thing (noted above), although that's what it's historically associated with. Sorry for the ambiguity.

James (who turns all the beeps off).

Anyway, the trouble is this: the beeps work as expected until snd-hda-intel is loaded. Then they're irrevocably gone, recoverable only by a reboot. I've tried mixers and beep_mode adjustments to no avail.

Milhaus (who turns all beeps on).
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