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On 05/15/11 00:13, g wrote:
On 05/15/2011 03:53 AM, JD wrote:

It is model<> 3800HGV-B
3800HGV-B is what i was looking for. kevin's reply answered for ip address.

i tried searching '' site, but now that 'pace' has bought them out,
all info that was available before is now pulled.

i entered 3800 in 'search' on support page and the whorse's ass sent me
to at&t site which gave nothing but pictorials of wired and wireless
hook up.

so i went to dslreports to search 3800hgv-8 and this is what they offered.

which would be better if you went thru as you would be better at find what
is what and possibly what you want. maybe not.

i have a pdf that is a general description for 2701, and a couple that are
general for uverse routers. will look thru them to see what is what.



i just went looking for pdf manuals and much to my surprise, directory path
where i had them is completely void of all html files and and pdf files.

only thing there is directory structures. very strange.

i will hold this and go look to see what i have on other setup. [i have
2 installs of sl 5. 1 for internet use, another for personal use and
rsync archiving.


back again. html and pdf files where there, but i believe 1 of uverse pdf
files is missing. not sure as it has been a couple of years from when i
pulled them.

anyway, from what i read in what i have, wireless and nat is strictly
for a local wireless to nat out to internet, just like wired. not to
nat between local wireless.

again, this you can/should be able to verify one way or other by checking

i wish i could give you a more positive answer, but without other uverse
pdf, i can only go with what is in 2701 pdf.

Well thanks a LOT
for all the digging. Perhaps it will give
more info than the phone call takers :)

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