Re: CJK Extension B Chinese fonts for Firefox

在 2011年6月6日 下午10:21,Piscium <groknok@xxxxxxxxx> 写道:
On 6 June 2011 15:08, Steve Underwood <steveu@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As well as the missing characters, there are still a lot of places where
something readable is shown, but it looks really ugly. Typically a mix
of fonts are being used. For example, on my FC14 box 张启德 displays
badly, because the 张 is obviously from a different character set.
Oddly, it not only looks different, but is also considerably smaller
than 启德.

Yes, I also noticed that the fonts display differently.

After I installed Han Nom it appeared to me that it looked crisper
than hanazono-fonts, so I uninstalled the latter (though I don't know
what character sets they cover so it is good to know about
hanazono-fonts as I may need them some day to display Japanese

On my PC the first character of the sequence 张启德 does indeed look less
nice and from a different font than the other two, though they are all
of the same size, even at different font sizes all the way to 72
I noticed this in gedit and gnome-terminal on fedora 13/14, but no
problem in firefox.
Some CJK characters in gedit or gnome-terminal are smaller than other,
I don't know
what causes this on fedora. I have no problem in openSuse/Ubuntu/Debian.
Sorry for my poor English.
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