Re: Flash plugin stalls Firefox in Fedora 15

Christian Kreibich writes:

I've upgraded a 64-bit test box from F14 to F15, and am not impressed.
For starters, the 32-bit Flash plugin no longer works in Firefox. Most
pages using it stall the browser for 10-15 seconds, then I get a
black/grey rectangle. I've followed the instructions to no avail, and I see no mentioning
of this problem on the page. Others? Pointers?

The 64 bit beta plugin works fine:

You'll need Linus's patch to workaround the memcpy bug in the plugin. Search the list archives/bugzilla.

The beta plugin most likely has unpatched holes, so it's a bit risky, but as long as all you need Flash for is youboob, and other major sites, it should be fine.

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