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<snip all, not worth reading again>

The last comment comes from a OSX Mac user. if I recall, you can only
re-size the windows using the bottom left side on Mac, not to confuse
the user-base=>BIG ego, poor skills.
I've been using computers since the 1970s. Hollerith cards, JCL and the
whole bunch. Again, the big breakthrough for home computer ownership
was and remains Windows95. Not Linux, not MacOSX, but a cobbled
together Piece of Bovine Excrement. But it brought the masses to
computing. Linux, although much superior, has a major problem and that
is the UI. The 'best' UI out there at present is MacOSX. And I don't
just say that because I use one, its because just about everyone out
there is trying to imitate it. If you are trying to copy Windows7, you
are trying to copy the functionality of MacOSX Aqua. It is simple and
basically hides most functions most users will never want to touch and
in most cases, should not touch.
And then the lecture goes on: "if you don't follow the cheeps, you will
get crushed?!" - Says how? Jobs or Ballmer?

Neither. Try Nash. Yes, the Economics professor from Princeton.
Marketing is what is it is all about. You could make the best gizmo in
the business, but if you cannot get folks to use it, you just wasted
your time and alot of someone else's money. This happened with OS/2
when Microsoft introduced WindowsNT 3.1. This is also the beginnings of
the Wine project back in the mid-1990s. If Linux were the leader,
rather than the follower, we would not be in this state, correct? I see
Gnome3 and KDE4 as an attempt to lure Windows users to the Linux flock.
I hope they succeed. Those people need a better OS than one riddled
with security holes and that has difficulties running more than 24 hours.

James McKenzie

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