Re: Fedora 15 Doesn't started

Is possibly the boot manager not correctly installed? Do you get any
boot screen with kernel-name?
Otherwise, try to boot from your recovery/installation CD, go into
recover and set up your boot manager.


On 2011-06-13 19:26, Navdeep Singh Sidhu wrote:
I hv got a problem. I have purchased a dell studio laptop with these config.
i7 processor 2.2 GHZ boost up to 3.3
8 GB ram
2 GB nvidia 540m graphics card
Intel hd graphics card
750 GB hardisk.

so the main problem is when i boot fedora 15 it doesn't show any screen.
i have installed it on my portable seagate 500 GB hardisk. previously i
had used fedora 14 and fedora 13. they all boot well and worked fine.
but fedora 15 don't show any screen after booting on my system. But on
my brothers laptop it works fine. May be it is a GNOME3 doesn't have
support of my graphics card or anything else. Can somebody help me?

I have installed on my system via live usb but not on my laptop, by
using another laptop. First I created a live usb of Fedora 15 using
Unetbootin. then i tried to boot from it on my laptop. But shows an error

> - Dropping to debug shell.
> sh: can't access tty: job control turned off
> dracut:/#

as i had told you earlier. then i tried to boot the live usb on another
laptop that is HP pavilion dv 2700 with
-Intel Core 2 duo processor 1.8GHz
-2gb ram
-256Mb nividia geforce 8600 m graphics card.
-160 gb hardisk

fedora 15 live usb boots well on that system without any error and
GNOME3 also supports it's hardware.
then i attached my portable hardisk to that system and started the
installation process. During the installation process i formatted my
fedora 14 partition & install fedora 15 to it. Then i installed another
Linux distro backtrack5 to my portable hardisk on another partition by
replacing Ubuntu 10.10. Both these distro works fine on HP laptop but
not on my dell. fedora 15 doesn't show any screen after booting but
Backtrack5 works correctly. there is no problem with GRUB or any
installation. I think it doesn't support my laptop's hardware.
I had also tried to boot at run level 1, but it gives some Intel Mux
call failed error with

- Dropping to debug shell.
sh: can't access tty: job control turned off

thanks for help, I had tried to boot fedora 15 at run level 1,3,5. But
no one seems to work for me.

Please somebody help me i want to experience Fedora 15 on my laptop?

Navdeep Singh

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