Re: HP Laserjet 5P in Fedora 14

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On 06/19/2011 08:45 AM, Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Sat, 2011-06-18 at 17:46 -0500, Manuel Escudero wrote:

I've seen that in Fedora you only have to plug in a printer
and it usually gets recognized and work, You just have to
install these packages:

sudo yum -y install hplip hplip-common

and if you have a HP scanner:

sudo yum -y install libsane-hpaio

It has been working for me like that since
F13 with two or three HP printers and All in Ones
But now I tried it in F14 with a HP Laserjet 5P
and it doesn't work, System does not recognize printer
when I plug it in the USB port (it's a Parallell to USB connection)

I already tried installing HPLiP from the HP binary
and it gave me a GUI, but the printer is still not getting
recognized, it's like I never plug it to the PC.

What am I doing wrong?


I don't know what you are doing wrong. But the default installation of
F15 on my machine has: hplip, hplip-libs, hplip-common and libsane-hpaio
are all installed.

If I remember correctly, the 5P is a parallel printer. You may have
to use CUPS to install a parallel printer, especially if the
parallel port module and the parallel printer module are not being
loaded. I have not checked lately to see if they are loaded by default.

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