Re: Removing NetworkManager results in very slow boot

On 22/06/11 06:37, JD wrote:
On 06/21/2011 10:13 PM, n2xssvv.g02gfr12930 wrote:
On 06/22/2011 03:43 AM, john wendel wrote:
I removed the NetworkManager stuff from systemd, since I don't want to
run it. Now there's a long boot delay while DBUS tries repeatedly to
talk to NetworkManager.

Obviously, I did something wrong. How should I have stopped NetworkManager?



Apologies before saying this, ever tried Windoze? No networkmanager,
just lots of other, (choose your own words). Personally networkmanager
works for me, but as the saying goes, to each their own.

Glad to hear you have it working for you.
Does it manage your wifi connection?
I have been trying to make it work for
my wifi connection, and it always invokes
wpa_supplicant with the wrong params
and so, it never tries to connect to my wifi
Would appreciate some pointers to docs on
how to properly config NM to use the right



In my case I use WPA2 encrypted wireless with a fixed IP address. Then
the settings set as follows:

Wireless tab

SSID : As set up on your wireless router, (you should be able to change
Mode : infrastructure
BSSID : As set for your wireless router
Restrict to interface : Any
MTU : 1500

Wireless security tab

Security : Needs to match that configured for your wireless router
Password : Needs to match that configured for your wireless router

IP Address tab

Basic settings
Method : Manual
IP address : Your selected IP address, (check your wireless router will
accept it)
Subnet Mask : usually
Gateway : The IP address of the router connected to your ISP provider
DNS Servers : IP addresses, (usually provided by your ISP provider)
Search Domains : Usually provided by your ISP provider

Unfortunately configuring your wireless router varies for different
makes. Normally it can be done using a web interface. But usually they
are default configured to DHCP which is certainly a simpler option if
you have a simple network configuration. But as the settings above show,
both the wireless router settings and network manager settings need to
match up, and any slight mismatch could cause it to fail.



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