Re: Gnome3 and Cursor Movements

Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec <at> PoMec.Net> writes:

I have finally got F15 installed after great tribulation with the 'Oh
No' messages. Now that I have it installed, I find gnome3 difficult to
use because of the time delay of the highlight bars that allow you to
select programs. Even when I try to pick "Applications" it takes about
6 seconds to highlight. Is this a limit of gnome3 working on a slower
machine or has anyone else had this problem?

I see a several second delay as well. I avoid it by instead typing a few letters
of the application name until the one I want is highlighted, and hit Enter. If
you know how many letters to type, you can hit Enter immediately without waiting
for the app to be displayed. For example to start Transmission I hit the Windows
key, type "tr" and Enter immediately. (Of course if you have a lot of apps
installed you may need another letter or two.)



Thanks for your responses. The machine I am using is a 386, but it
really has plenty of speed with 2 gigs of memory. It should have done
well. As much as I like what has been done with the appearance of
gnome3, I don't think it is ready for the users I support. I am
probably going to stick with F14 and wait on F16 before I do any more
installs unless someone has some magic I can use. I'll wait a bit
before I make a judgment, but so far it is unusable for anyone in a


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