Re: GNOME 2 on Fedora 15

On 29.08.2011, Dave Cross wrote:

I've tried GNOME 3 for a couple of months and I really don't like it[1].

Seems nobody likes it (me included). Frankly, Gnome3 is broken by design and
a f*cking piece of cr*p :-)
All the students at my college who use(d) Linux/Gnome2 before have switched, and
guess how many are using Gnome3 now? Yes, you're right: zero.

Just get over it, and use one of the fine alternatives: XFCE has
always been great, LXDE is slightly "buggy" but great too, and there
are various other good wm. I personally like ratpoison, awesome and
fluxbox a lot. It hurts a couple of weeks, but then you're done.

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