Re: How to permanently delete root CAs from mozilla products?

On 09/17/2011 06:58 AM, Christoph A. wrote:


By "non-persistent" I mean the following:
- - I remove a root CA in the "Authorities" tab of mozilla's "certificate
manager" by hitting the delete button
- - I close the certificate manager
- - I reopen the certificate manager
- - The - previously removed - root ca is again there.

When you remove a CA that is bundled with Firefox/Thunderbird, It
disappear from the list on the current session, after you restart the
application the CA still appear, if you press the "Edit Trust" button,
you will see the CA is not trusted for anything. So Firefox is not able
to remove the CA if it is bundled, but it remove all trust you have on
it, so it will not be valid for anything
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