Re: Samba problems. Samba master fight with Linksys E4200 wireless router with storage ?

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 8:17 PM, linux guy <linuxguy123@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Surely its not that hard to get Samba going.

If it wasn't worth the effort, how else did you enable file sharing on a
mixed client network ?

Has anyone gotten Samba working from a virgin F15 install ?

If you want it to work out of the box, move to Ubuntu.

NFS, ssh, sftp can all be made to work using Cygwin. We just finished
a thread on that. There are lots better choices than using SMB, which
is notably vulnerable to hacking. I've got every damn thing
imaginable sharing every which way, and I don't touch Samba. I used
to be an expert. Got tired of fiddling. My advice: get Microsoft out
of the loop.

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