Unable to boot from live CD or install from DVD

I have been using Fedora (KDE spin) for quite some time.
There was absolutely no problem till Fedora 14. But now when I try
to install Fedora 15, the live CD does not boot. I have tried Gnome
Live CD and also the DVD. I even tried the pre-upgrade procedure.
All give the same result. The CD/DVD begins to boot, some text
messages appear and finally the CD/DVD activity stops with the
line [ 1.319497] [<c040377e>] kernel_thread_helper+0*6*0*10.
My machine is Lenovo C 200 (Intel Atom D410 dual core
processor). I am not a computer expert. But I am moderately
familiar with Linux because I have been using it for more than 12
years. How do I overcome this problem?
- Vijayan
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