Re: Pavilion dv6-3225dx under F14 -- mouse problems

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gary artim wrote:
have a clickpad I can play with at work and tried out the beta of SuSe
and FC16. both have better support but the right click and center
click for does not work -- tools i need. you can set tapping to 2 or 3
fingers to get the right and center options, but who would use this --
12 year olds?! a simple left/right/center and move the mouse when you
move your finger would be a delight. This all made it clear to me that
choosing a laptop for linux should still be researched, maybe bring a
pendrive with linux on it to test before buying. hope you feel better.


Somehow I lost your Thursday Oct 6th reply, I'll blame it on a fogged head.

In hindsight, I agree that I should have done the pendrive test.

I need the right click and, to a lessor extent, the center as well. The
first thing I did on the Win7 part of the dual-boot was kill the tapping.

Looks my niece is going to get herself a new laptop and I'll try to do
it right the next time. That being said, I am going to give F16 a try
"just in case"

Thanks for the get well wishes,
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