Remote access

Is there a way to use ssh to get through a firewall for remote access to a
system? The situation I'm looking at is a Fedora system sitting behind a
company firewall, which I have no control over, that I wish to gain access
to by logging into it over the Internet from a remote computer. In other
words the connection is initiated from outside of the firewalled company

What I'm thinking is using ssh to forward a port, 3389, to another computer
on my own private network (also behind a firewall and NAT router) at home
acting as a middle man. Then from another computer, lets say at a hotel,
logging in to the same computer on my private home network and have it pass
traffic bidirectionaly between the two end point computers.

Is this something than can be done using ssh and if so how? I would also
like to have the remote Fedora system connection to the middle man computer
remain even if the remote computer is not connected.


Leland C. Scott

"The most reliable components
are the ones you leave out."

Gordon Bell, father of the
minicomputer at DEC.

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