Re: fedora list spam

On 10/15/2011 12:33 PM, Ian Malone wrote:
Seems to have been a run of this recently, can I remind people there's
no need to re-post their messages, certainly not the URLs?

The only reason I did was to make sure it was clear exactly what I was
*plonk!*ing. If it had been a long message, I'd just have quoted enough
of the opening to give context.

<set mode="soapbox">
On that note, people, I'd like to ask the rest of you to trim your
replies to the part that's relevant to your message. Scrolling down
through a long message to find one or two lines of response isn't how
most of us want to spend our time, especially when it's not always clear
at first just what you're referring to. For some of us (myself
included) this can be even harder when you top post because there's
sometimes more than one part of the message you might refer to. And, of
course, if you're doing inline comments (An excellent way to make sure
readers know what you're referring to.) quoting any part of the message
after your last comment is pointless.

I can't speak for anybody on the list but myself, but whenever I see a
long message quoted, followed by nothing but:


I want to reply with the following:

-1 Redundant

If you feel compelled to make such a reply, trimming your message down
to the part you think is so great helps us know what you're applauding.
Remember, "Brevity is the soul of wit."

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