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On Sun, 2011-10-23 at 09:57 -0500, Miguel Cardenas wrote:
For years I used to create 2 primary partitions, SWAP and EXT3, but
now I found that Fedora requires a different layout with more
partitions like other *nix operating systems that distribute the space
in more areas for home, root, usr, etc.

That's news to me. It used to be *advised* to use several partitions,
then that advice changed to being a bare minimum of / /boot and swap
(great fun in doing a fsck on a whopping huge partition on today's huge
large drives). But either was just advice, only the bare minimum were
required, and swap could be a file in a partition, though that hasn't
always been a good idea.

I still don't like the idea of an independent boot partition but let's
do it in the Fedora way...

It used to be advised to have a separate /boot partition, near the start
of the disc, so that the BIOS will have no trouble reading it to begin
booting. Some computers couldn't boot up from files deep into the
drive. I don't know how valid that concern is, any more.

Now, there's a second purpose to the /boot partition, it's also used to
hold large amounts of files during an upgrade-installation, since
that /boot partition will not be removed during an upgrade, but other
partitions may be.

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