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Am 23.10.2011 20:22, schrieb Joe Zeff:

On 10/23/2011 07:57 AM, Miguel Cardenas wrote:

I would like to keep simple my disk, and reading the Fedora installation
guide found that there are only 3 partitions required, SWAP, BOOT (ext3)
and ROOT / (ext3)... I still don't like the idea of an independent boot
partition but let's do it in the Fedora way... so, I want to know if
this layout may work for me... I want to ask before doing it to save
hours of installation just to try and see the results...
You only need a /boot partition if root is ext4, because legacy grub
doesn't grok it. If you only use ext3, you can get away with two
partitions: / and swap. (I have a separate /home, but no /boot.)


this is simply not true
since F14 for sure ext4 is default, F13 i neve installed from scratch

/dev/md1 ext4 29G 8,0G 21G 28% /
/dev/md0 ext4 485M 51M 430M 11% /boot
/dev/md2 ext4 3,6T 1,2T 2,4T 34% /mnt/data

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