Re: Fedora - time to blink

On 11/27/2011 11:10 PM, Tim wrote:
On Sun, 2011-11-27 at 22:47 +0800, Ian Chapman wrote:
why I have to press Alt + RMB to pop up a menu on a panel in Gnome?
Seriously, WTF?

Gosh, gee, Gnome just don't understand the concept of a menu. It's
supposed to present you with your list of choices, neatly categorised,
simply by looking at it. Are they playing the easter egg game, where we
have to go around trying out various random key sequences to see what
might happen?

It certainly feels like it. I have particular problems remembering
hot-keys. I rarely use them and rely heavily on the mouse and menus. I
think the main reason is because I have to regularly use 7 different
desktops on 4 different operating systems and don't like surprises when
a hot-key doesn't do what you expect.

It's a dumb user interface that requires you to press keys as well as
use the mouse, to make use of a menu. Quite apart from hiding things,
it's a usability issue from anyone who has trouble using both hands at
the same time.

On top off not actually giving you a hint as to what the hot key should be.

Ian Chapman.
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