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On 26/11/11 21:26, Tim wrote:
On Sat, 2011-11-26 at 19:09 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
Is there a Linux application that will display a .vcf file?
You can use any text editor to look at the contents, it's just a list of
fields and data, in a form style. Not exactly like this, but it's the
idea behind the technique:

name: Tim
email: ignored_mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxx

They're an electronic business, or visiting, card. And they contain as
much information as the person put into it, or the recipient added to it
when they saved it. They can hold names, numbers, addresses, encoded
pictures, etc.

If you want to parse the data, that's another matter. But you haven't
said what your needs are. Just to be able to see the content, or do
something with it.

There are a variety of formats, and some of the data may not be
recognised for what it is by some readers (which may not show you that
data, or just show the raw data for you to figure out what it is).

Yes, I now understand what they are. I suspect that Apple has
sold her on a software system that doesn't fit her needs. If I
understand what she is telling me her data is stored in a
"cloud" server somewhere while she wants local copies stored on
several devices, desktop, portable, iPad, and what look like
some iPods to me, maybe they are telephones, I'm not sure? But
it seems that what she needs should be possible to do.

They need to be able to access their account data without
finding an internet connection. I was caught in the middle when
the Apple person on the phone asked if the .vcf files could be
displayed on another computer system and she brought it to me on
a flash drive. I didn't know what to do with it other than to
look at it as text. That was why I inquired of the list.

I have since spent some time examining the files and they appear
to be vcards interspersed among huge fields of meaningless data
which at first looked like image files but I have since come to
think it may be some sort of encryption? Whatever it's a
collection of stuff I can't do anything with and I am not sure
is even her data? I am losing interest in the project, my
curiosity is waning.

I appreciate all the help and if nothing else I know what a .vcf
file is and know that I can display the data in address book
format if nothing else.



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