Re: F16 unusable while writing to pendrive

Actually, the fact that Linux drives don't need regular defragging has
nothing to do with the file system.

Actually the fact that linux drives don't get defragged is more
because there are no defragging tools than because there wouldn't
be a performance benefit to having the sectors in fragmented files
moved to adjacent chunks of disk.


There are tools for it but ext2/3/4 and some of the other file systems
have allocation algorithms and I/O scheduling policies that make them
fragmentation resistant. If you plot fragmentation and performance over
time they don't drop off very much even after years of I/O (at least for
almost all workloads...). btrfs on the other hand currently seems to have
chronic fragmentation problems.

So it's nothing to do with tools, its a design property, the core of
which comes from the BSD FFS/UFS work in the 1980s. Various other
improvements have been added on top of that including block reservations.


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