Why updatedb doesn't traverse my external HD?

Please someone explain me the following ---

[root@Yoda ~]# updatedb
[root@Yoda ~]# locate teraipo
[root@Yoda ~]# ll /media/
total 4
drwxr-xr-x. 17 vmarko vmarko 4096 Nov 15 00:49 teraipo

In addition, nothing under /media/teraipo/ can be located using "locate". Not
a single file in the 1.5 TB archive, on an external ext4 hard drive:

[root@Yoda ~]# mount | grep teraipo
/dev/sdb1 on /media/teraipo type ext4

Before anyone points out that updatedb doesn't traverse /media by default, let
me add that I already knew that and have removed /media from PRUNEPATHS:

[root@Yoda ~]# cat /etc/updatedb.conf
PRUNEFS = "9p afs anon_inodefs auto autofs bdev binfmt_misc cgroup cifs coda
configfs cpuset debugfs devpts ecryptfs exofs fuse fuse.sshfs fusectl gfs gfs2
hugetlbfs inotifyfs iso9660 jffs2 lustre mqueue ncpfs nfs nfs4 nfsd pipefs proc
ramfs rootfs rpc_pipefs securityfs selinuxfs sfs sockfs sysfs tmpfs ubifs udf
PRUNENAMES = ".git .hg .svn"
PRUNEPATHS = "/afs /mnt /net /sfs /tmp /udev /var/cache/ccache /var/spool/cups
/var/spool/squid /var/tmp"

I have also configured bind mounts to be traversed, hoping that it might fix the
problem with /media. It didn't.

This configuration used to work on F14. Skipped F15, clean-installed F16, if it

I'm out of ideas. Anyone?

Best, :-)

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