Re: Giving Up On Fedora

Had to search for it, because it didn't sound familiar and
"yum search fedora utils" also didn't find it. Apparently, you refer
to which is not include with Fedora.
Yes. That's what I meant. First time when system broke, we thought it might have caused it. In the next reinstall, I did not install Fedorautils. Still the system broke.

I can do a fresh install once again if that may help.

As mentioned, collecting data may be helpful. If you reinstall Fedora 16
and it works initially, try to find out whether applying Updates
reproduces the problem. Save the full list of installed packages _prior_
to applying updates, e.g. "rpm -qa --last> pkgs-20111225-1.txt", then
save and review the list of packages to be installed by a "yum update".
For the beginning, skip updates of the Linux kernel and nvidia drivers.
Or update *only* individual packages, such as the kernel or the drivers.

I am downloading a fresh copy of 64b Fedora 16. Will reinstall on both machines. I have dual monitor for main PC and the built in settings can't configure which monitor should be on right and which should be the main (with Activity and dash on it). Thus I had to use Nvidia settings. If there is a way to fix that without needing Nvidia. I will be happy.

The issue with Dell remains as there is no Nvidia card.

Note: I have a multiboot system (running openSUSE/Ubuntu and trying Fedora on it) any advice on that? Since Fedora can't detect Ubuntu I usually don't install fedora Grub and then from within Ubuntu update the grub. (keeping different OSes for reviews and articles).


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