Re: Firefox 9 on F16 can not set Home Page

On 12/30/2011 04:38 PM, Aaron Konstam wrote:

No bing search plugin is present.

if you follow what Patrick suggested and find that problem is in your
profile, you can use new profile and rebuild or...

ok. now the 'long part'.

with firefox closed, open a file browser, move to your firefox profile


open a terminal, enter;

grep bing * > 00-bing.0001

if file size great than 0, open '00-bing.0001' to see what files have
'bing' in them.

make a backup copy of files. open the files and insert '#' or required
comment mark at start of line/s that read 'bing'.

also, if you find 'bing' and it shows a directory path, rename 'bing'

next open directory 'extensions', look for a directory with 'bing' in
name. if none, open each sub directory and view files, looking for
reference to 'bing'. or, open terminal and;

grep bing *

no need to redirect to a file, unless you want. if any file does have
'bing', move to top of path, in 'extensions' directory and append an
extension to that directory to block it being used.

i know this is a lot to go thru, but you can imagine what i have gone
thru to find these little 'tricks' to find problems.


peace out.



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