Re: IPv6 tunnel doesn't start on boot

Dumb question: do you have networking service enabled?
Sorry for top-posting, I'm using cellphone to post to the list.

On 03/01/2012, Juan <j.orti.alcaine@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello, I have configured a IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel with as
seen here:

It works well, but I can't make it to start at boot although it has the
option ONBOOT=yes. Is this normal? Maybe it needs NetworkManager to
start the real interface before bring this online, but I doubt it. Any
help? or do I fill a bug report?

Also, I would like to control the radvd daemon when the interface goes
up or down. But as I have seen, the option IPV6_CONTROL_RADVD only is in
effect with 6to4 tunnels because of a limitation of the init scripts.
Are there any workaround for this?

I think there is space for improvement here, NetworkManager should take
care of this.
Any advice is welcome.
Thank you.

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