Re: Static ethernet connection

On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 9:56 PM, Geoffrey Leach <geoff@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm not sure that the network service is available on Fedora 16, which
is OK, because this works fine as is, along with "ifup eth0".
ONBOOT=yes does not work in my context.  BTW, what is BOOTPROTO=static?

The network service is still available on F16, though it uses
systemd's SysV comptaibility mode. Either "systemctl enable
network.service" or "chkconfig network on" will enable it.

"BOOTPROTO=dhcp" configures your connection to obtain an IP address
from a DHCP server, while "BOOTPROTO=static" allows you to assign a
static IP address. The reason it's called "BOOTPROTO" is historical:

As it happens, my problem turned out to be that dnsmasq was not
running. It used to be, as you know, that there was a nice service
configuration tool that would prompt you as to what you might need. No
longer (sigh).

Actually, system-config-services got ported to systemd, and works
rather nicely with it.

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