Neal Becker Software Package..?

You must be one of this Species greats..?

What do you think of " Storm" E-virus..?

What do you think of building a second Internet.. labelling it "Fear"..
Add "Storm as a cyber-weapon.. Equip "Fear" with all the cyber weaponry
possible.. including "scent-shooter safes" attached to towers..? You
can tell your opponent exactly what you think of it, by pushing the very
worst smell on the planet, right into its face.. right through all his
firewalled defences like "a hot knife cutting through warm butter"...

Build "war-internet" so it requires a brand new box to enter Cyber's
WW4, "Fear".. "EnterFear if you must... Upload all the crap from this
gentle Internet into "Fear".. Erase all that vile sewage out of our
people-class internet...

First offence for a Fear-Rider infecting the gentle internet with fear's
crap, is one whole year in a dim room with only an apple brown-screen,
a huge-box of 5" floppies, no phone/no cable/no airless.. "a year in
hacker-hell".. All the bully's electronics, including TV's, gets
donated to poor families a thousand miles away... Essentially
"protecting heaven, using hell as a shield" = "democracy"...

With a clean internet.. maybe we can get the good half of humanity out
of the bad half's hell, split the Race, and get on with building a
healthy new planet from this one, given it's the only one we've got, and
it's dying...

When we gonna start fixing our planet..?

When it's dead?..

Neal.. Have you invented any software that would make "Fear" run good
and gutsy..?

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