Re: Neal Becker Software Package..?

Alan Cox wrote:

Most people already left for fedora forum and the like. The list is
basically not managed so its useless. If you want to fix that you need
to take it up with the fedora board I believe.

No doubt some people have done so, but "most people"? Do you have
information on this? Enquiring minds want to know.

Plot graphs of active contributors to this list and their active time on
the list before leaving, compare with the power curve you got from doing
it with old data. It speaks volumes.

For comparison do the same with the Fedora forums, although there you'll
really need to do a bit of statistical sampling as I don't know a polite
and reasonable way to pull the needed data and crunch it locally.

Maybe it is my ignorance, but I find it much more time-consuming
to navigate through a forum than to skim through a newsgroup/mailing list.

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