ifcfg-em1 ?

I was in the process of working on a F16 system (upgraded from a F15 system) and had moved it to a new network temporarily and had adjusted the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-em1 file from the console prior to shutting down the system so that it would be all set with the new address, gateway etc when it was restarted.

upon completion of the work I modified the ifcfg-em1 with the new/final IP address information prior to the shutdown. I was doing this across a network (ssh) session and as soon as I saved the file I lost all connectivity to the machine. I logged into the console and found no IP address information on the em1 interface, didn't think too much of it since it needed to be restarted anyway and moved it to it final network location.

After it was in place I noticed that I needed to correct the entries for DNS to point to itself since it is running a nameserver, no other changes were made to the file except to adjust "DNS1=..." saved the file and again I loose network connectivity with no IP information on the em1 interface.

Question is, what is monitoring this file that causes a loss of connectivity like this? I am looking to simply have a static entry on the interface and my simple ifcfg-em1 file is as follows:


NAME="System em1"

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