Re: converting base64 emails back to text

On 01/10/2012 05:26 AM, Ed Greshko wrote:
On 01/10/2012 12:54 PM, John Wendel wrote:

"man base64" should get you going. It's a little easier than the perl

i had already checked 'man base64' and from what i read, it will not
do what i would like.

i am wanting a 'preprocessor' that will restore text as mail comes in
so that emails will have text that can be searched instead of base64

perl-Email-MIME would facilitate that or maybe even

i can not remark on this as i do not have them installed to see what
they do.

i was hoping for something that would process the base64 emails as they
come in before they hit email client.

from trying to google what i want, there where too many hits due to
google's limited ability to sort as needed to find what i want.

all in all, it looks like when i get to f16 and have problems, because
of limitations to search just on "Subject:", and we all know about how
poor that is, i will be doing a lot of posting to solve problems when
i run into them.

It sounds like a fun project and then an interesting procmail recipe

i had hoped that 'procmail' would be an easy way to gain my desires,
but from what i have read in 'procmail*' pages, i do not believe i
will be able to use it. :(

so, consider this post as warning of future post. 8-D

i thank you both for your replies.


peace out.



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