Usb devices and kernel modules auto-loading

Hi list,

I'm on Fedora 16 and trying to solve a problem with an usb device(a CP2103
based device) which doesn't get recognized by the system, even if the linux
driver already supports it at 99%:

the problem seems to be that CP210x based devices have vendor programmable
device IDs and if the device is not being detected is likely because the
device IDs are unknown (

Now it would seems that adding my device id(which is not present at the moment
in the latest kernel module) could solve the problem, thus I've modified the
source of the driver and I've successfully locally compiled it following

I have issued a "sudo modprobe CP210x" to load the CP210x module, and it loads
fine, but the dmesg output shows the kernel doesn't still recognize the device
when I plug it.

I guess my problem is the linux kernel while using an auto-loading (hot-
plugging?) feature to auto-load usb modules, is still referring to the stock
CP210x module included with the kernel source tree instead of mine and this
prevent it to successfully recognize the device as supported.

I've tried searching around for info about the auto-loading mechanism and how
to pin inside it, but I've found an overwhelming amount of text which does not
explain where (and how) the kernel search for its available drivers.

Would somebody point me to the right direction and clear how the kernel manage
usb modules auto-loading in latest fedora or add just some hint?

thank you,


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