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On 02/08/2012 07:34 PM, Fedora User wrote:
I don't see any other posts like this so it is reasonable to assume
that this is not a bug. For over a week now, "yum update" doesn't see
any updates unless I do a "yum clean all" first.

I was tempted to start deleting stuff in /var/lib/yum. My saner side
stopped that misadventure. Yum check is clean.

Anyone have a better clue?
Dumb question - is you system time/date correct? Before downloading
the package list, yum checks the time stamp, and if it is older then
the data it already has, it does not update its list. When you do a
clean all, it erases the data, and has to download it again. It then
checks the package information against the installed packages to see
if there is a newer version.

I know it does not help much, but yum is updating packages without
extra work. It updated a bunch of packages today.

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