Re: Support for RFC 6187 and smartcard authentication in OpenSSH

On 03 Mar 2012 at 01:19:21, Anamitra Dutta Majumdar wrote:
Hi Anthony ,

Thanks for your responses.
I have initiated a new thread.
Can you provide me with further details.


Hello Anamitra,

I suggest you start a new thread on the list but, yes, there is smart
card authentication support in Fedora using opensc. It's been in Fedora
for a while.


On 02 Mar 2012 at 16:36:51, Anamitra Dutta Majumdar wrote:

I am looking for a version of OpenSSH that has support for RFC 6187 and
smart card authentication.
Is there such a version out there yet.

OpenSSH has has smart card support since version 5.4. Basically you load
the smart public keys into your ssh-agent via the command

ssh-add -s <pkcs11-module>

and unload them via

ssh-add -e <pkcs11-module>

We are using
ssh-add -s

which means you need to look into installing opensc and
associated packages. off the top of my head, you'll need
ccid, pcsc-lite-openct and openct.

So you first job is to get the commands
piv-tool --serial

working with your smartcard. Once you have everything working you can
extract the public keys via
ssh-keygen -D

Good luck.


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