Re: Fedora disimprovements: am I alone?

On Sat, 2012-03-24 at 00:19 +1030, Tim wrote:
But much less precise. It's all very well to say "this," "that," and
"the other," need to start after "this thing," is easier to set. But
if you definitely need "this thing," followed by, "this," followed by
"that," followed by "the other," in that precise order. Then the
numbered scheme does exactly what you want.

Tim, the point of the systemd scheme is that it allows you to specify a
directed graph (actually a directed acyclic graph or DAG) of
dependencies. In terms of expressive power this is a superset of what
you can do with the number scheme. IOW anything you can do with the
number system you can also do with a DAG, but often without
overspecifying the order and hence losing potential parallelism.

I'm saying this from a theoretical standpoint. Whether the potential
parallelism is really exploited and if so whether it has a real effect
is another matter, as is the syntax of the systemd command set.


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