Re: huge mail going throw my mail server how to protect

Thanks for good advice.



On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 6:05 PM, Patrick Lists <fedora-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On 04/06/2012 06:28 AM, Rafiqul Islam wrote:

Please help me how to stop this spamming frequently blocked from several
public network

From the other posts I take it your postfix server is not properly
configured and is an open relay.

Steps to fix:

1) realize that your postfix mail server is an *open* relay (=BAD!). So
you did not configure the postfix server in the proper way

2) stop your mail server right now

3) do NOT turn the mail server on until you know reasonably sure that you
have fixed the problem. You can test your mailserver here:**html <>

4) go to and read the documentation and properly configure
your mail server to NOT be an open relay. If you can't find how to do it
then read all the information again and again and perhaps use Google

5) if you can not figure out how to fix this problem then either hire a
consultant who can fix it for you or ask on the postfix mailing list

I hope you realize that your IP address & domain may now be considered a
spam origin in several spam block lists and that a lot of mail hosts will
not accept mail from you even if you solve the open relay problem with your
mail server.

Next time you want to activate a service it is probably a good idea to
spend more time on understanding how the service works and what the proper
configuration is...


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