Re: Problem with Yum to upgrade Fedora 17.

On Fri, 2012-04-20 at 15:34 -0400, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
On Fri, 2012-04-20 at 13:42 -0300, Davi Garcia wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks for all feedback! Sorry about post question to the wrong list
and about my poor problem description. Let me try explain better:

I never decided to install Samba or Samba4 in my workstation, these
packages were installed by default. I know that I'm using F17 that is
still in beta, but I didn't know that alpha packages were being pushed
to that repository. My problem is basically that Yum is not able to
upgrade my system without use "--skip-broken".

Since Ed Greshko confirmed that is a known issue, I'll wait the fix.
What is very confusing is why do we have alpha packages in a beta

Again, sorry about any inconvenience.

Yes, the problem here is that some samba4 packages were pushed to
updates-testing that are marked as Obsoleting or otherwise replacing
their samba 3.x counterpart. This is bad, and anyone hitting this issue
should be adding negative karma to the update (as I am about to do).

Replying to myself, I see that a fixed package is already built and is
pending the next push to the updates-testing repository.

Relevant BZ:

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