gnome3 - nothing but problems (for me)

Hi All,
Without dissing or criticizing gnome3, I must say
I have nothing but problems with using it.
For example, selecting the Gnome, or the Classic Gnome
desktop manager, I can no longer see the desktop in other
workspaces that I created, except workspace 1.
Viewing the desktop in a window (as compared on the workspace)
does not cut it for me...
Starting apps always start in workspace 1, even though
I select the app from Applications drop down menu in
some other workspace.
I am unable to change the position of the Applications
toolbar to the left vertical position, and the currently
running apps toolbar to the right vertical position.
I am unable to create new gnome launch icons on the
desktop (or at least, I have not figured out how). Right click
on desktop has no effect.
I am unable to add new icons of apps to the menu bar for quick launch.

And finally, on my HW (AMD Athlon64 3200+)) platform,
the response time with F16 is so horribly slow, that F14 practically
appeared to respond like lightning - albeit I have had much
faster response time on older Fedora releases (such as F7 and F8),
on this same HW.

In short, I think I will have to dump F16, and switch back to
F14 or switch to a completely different distro that has not switched to gnome3.

Thanx for all the good and the bad times :)



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