Screen Size Problem in X11 / F14.

I keep several old versions of Fedora around for testing of some software,
so PLEASE dont tell me to just move to the most recent release.

OK, I set my screen size to 1280x1024 in my xorg.conf

This worked fine up thru Fedora 11 (I dont currently have running copies
of F12 or F13 to test it there) but it DOES NOT WORK in Fedora14.
In Fedora14 I get 1024x768 with or without the xorg.conf.

Now my actual screen is behind a KVM so that is part of the problem, if I
connect the monitor directly to the computer everything works correctly.

So my question.
Is there some way to FORCE X11 to run at 1280x1024 in Fedora14, independent
of any tests it may make of the screen?

Having something to override this (incorrect) behavior would be REALLY helpful.

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