Re: Upgrade F15->F16 Dell Inspiron 600m from DVD: no dialog box - Fresh Installation or Upgrade

Max Pyziur writes:


Hoping to at least be on the trailing edge, I've started an upgrade process on my Dell Laptop Inspiron 600m.

It is currently running F15, and I'd like to upgrade to F16.

However, after going through the usual preliminaries (select time, keyboard, language), then Basic Storage devices,
hostname, root password, I'm given a choice to:
Use All Space
Replace Existing Linux
Shrink Current System
Use Free Space
Create Custom Layout

As I dimly recall the installer's UI, the next step after the basic storage device drivers get loaded is the prompt to upgrade the existing system, if one is found, or a new install.

If you're getting to the point where it's asking you for hostname and the root password, you've taken the wrong fork in the road. Those won't be prompted for, when taking the upgrade path.

The prompt to upgrade or install can be confusing. Rerun the installer, and take it slowly, taking note of every option on the screen that you see, and don't take the obvious one, without considering everything else that's on there.

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