Red Hat Will Pay Microsoft To Get Past UEFI Restrictions

I hope Slashdot has it wrong, although the presented documents seem to agree

Looking up the article: "Implementing UEFI Secure Boot in Fedora" at

"The last option wasn't hugely attractive, but is probably the least worst.
Microsoft will be offering signing services through their sysdev
It's not entirely free (there's a one-off $99 fee to gain access), but it's
cheaper than any realistic alternative would have been. It ensures
compatibility with as wide a range of hardware as possible and it avoids
Fedora having any special privileges over other Linux distributions. If
there are better options then we haven't found them. So, in all
probability, this is the approach we'll take. Our first stage bootloader
will be signed with a Microsoft key."

If I have to pay $99 to Microsoft in order to install my Free/Open
Operating System, then I am making Microsoft $99 richer off the effort of
multiple volunteers that made Linux and Fedora possible and my "Free"
Operating System now effectively costs $99. And if this catches up, then
breaking the Secure Boot will eventually be a DMCA violation and we'd have
to be asking the Copyright office every three years for the "right" to
jailbreak/root our own computers again.

I'd rather go back to the times of Compatibility lists of motherboards than
enable the above state of affairs. I say NO to Danegeld for Microsoft.
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