any suggestions for these F17 upgrade problems (can not boot)?

Hoping someone has some suggestions for helping me recover from these
upgrade problems (problems = system will not boot).

The system started as F16 with a RT patched kernel from Planet CCRMA.
I upgraded to F17 using the install DVD, and after the upgrade install the
system console has a continuous stream of messages that MySQL server
failed to start, with a suggestion to see the systemd log. The boot
process never times out trying to start mysqld, it just keeps repeating
the same message forever.

I dropped to rescue mode and ran yum upgrade, which only updated a few
packages. I thought perhaps the RT patched kernel from F16 was a problem,
so I installed the current 3.3.x kernel and rebooted.

When the 3.3.x kernel loads, it drops into a shell with only the initrd
filesystem mounted, with a message that it cannot find
/dev/mapper/VolGroup00_LogVol00 which would usually be my boot drive. The
boot drive is (obviously) a logical volume created with LVM, and the
physical device underlying the logical volume is a logical unit on an HP
P800 Smart Array. The Smart Array is accessed via the cciss driver, but
when I look through the /dev/ directory in the initrd image I do not see
any /dev/cciss devices. The device is obviously working because grub2
finds the grub menu in /boot, and manages to load the kernel and initrd

Any idea what might be going on? I'm kind of stuck since neither the old
kernel nor the new kernel will boot. Since the installer found the disks
OK, presumably I can make some changes by booting the rescue mode of the
install DVD. The grub config menu looked OK to me, I can get the details
if something was expected to change there between F16 and F17. Maybe
something which should have changed in grub config did not.

Chris Caudle

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