Production server running from USB stilck with /var on HD ? - finished email!


Sorry, I accidentally sent the previous note before it was finished . .:

I have been using RH and Fedora since the beginning and love it! I like to keep up with the latest version of Fedora on my production server and although the install of the OS itself from a LiveCD/USB is very fast, restoring all the other stuff (web sites, mailing lists etc) takes quite a while. To reduce downtime of the server, what I did last time was to install to a virtual machine which used a physical HD and then to reboot the real server on the new HD when it was ready to go. Now I am thinking of installing to a USB stick on a workstation, getting it all working and then moving the USB stick to the server but having all the changeable files on /var (or anywhwere else) symlinked to a dir on the server HD for speed. What are the potential problems with this idea? I can see:

- slower bootup

- less reliable media for critical files

Are there other reasons why this approach might not be a good idea?


Philip Rhoades

GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW 2001
E-mail: phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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